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    PETE'S DRAGON (2016)
    Bryce Dallas Howard as Grace
    Directed by David Lowery
    To be released August 12, 2016
    More: Information | Images

    Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing
    Directed by Colin Trevorrow
    To be released on June 12, 2015
    More: Information | Images

    PANT SUITS (2015) (Short)
    Bryce Dallas Howard as Karen Petraske
    Directed by Saralyn Armer
    Currently playing at film festivals
    More: Information | Images

    SOLEMATES (2015) (Short)
    Short Film for Project Imagination
    Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard
    Available online (watch)
    More: Information | Images

    THE LION'S MOUTH OPENS (2014) (Short)
    Bryce Dallas Howard as herself
    Directed by Lucy Walker
    Premiered at Sundance
    More: Information | Images

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